Signatories to our letter

Thank you so much to everyone for their overwhelming solidarity. Signatures from the comments on the original blog post have been alphabetised and arranged thematically in full below:



Lord Alf Dubs                                                   Labour Lord

Andrew Smith                                                  MP, Oxford East (Labour)

Dan Iley-Williamson                                       Councillor, Oxford City Council (Labour)

Harry Barnes                                                    ex MP (Labour)

John McDonnell                                               Shadow Chancellor (Labour)

Dr Ned Hercock                                               Cllr for Clissold Ward, Hackney (Labour)

Peter Underwood                                            London representative on the Green Party                                                                                     Regional Council

Stan Newens                                                     Former MP & MEP (Labour)

Steve Curran                                                     Councillor, Oxford City Council (Labour)

Tom Sawyer                                                      Former General Secretary of the Labour Party


Prominent individuals, organisations, and artists

Adina Claire                                                      Interim Executive Director, War on Want

Dr Andrew Maines                                          friend of Working Class Movement Library                                                                                      Salford

Angie Birtill                                                      Trade Union Studies Centre, South Thames                                                                                     College

Ben Sellers                                                        Co-ordinator, Union Solidarity International

Bob Thomson                                                   Convenor, Jimmy Reid foundation

Bryan Nott                                                        Director of Personal Legal Services, Simpson                                                                                   Millar LLP

Carolyn Jones                                                   Director, Institute of Employment Rights

Christian Koller                                               Director of the Swiss Social Archives, Zurich

Dr Christian H. Stifter                                    Austrian Archives for Adult Education, Vienna

Colin Arthur                                                     Course Coordinator, TUC Education, Edinburgh                                                                             College

Colin Waugh                                                    Author of ‘Plebs: Lost Legacy of Working-Class                                                                              Education’

Dr. Dagmar Kift                                                Deputy Director LWL-Industriemuseum

Dan Gallin                                                         Global Labour Institute, Geneva, Switzerland

Dave Spooner                                                   Director, Global Labour Institute

David Huxtable                                               Legal Advocate, Together Against Poverty                                                                                         Society, Canada

David Rosenberg                                              Author of ‘Rebel Footprints’

Eric Lee                                                             Founder, LabourStart

Frances Brody                                                 Playwright, Novelist, Author

George Pope                                                     TU Studies Co-ordinator, Northern College

Hilary Wainwright                                          Editor, Red Pepper magazine

Ian Bone                                                          Class War

Ismail Buyukakan                                          EMAR Foundation for Labour Research

J Miskin                                                             WEA Regional Education Manager

Jan Blažek                                                       Institute of International Relations – Prague

John Hendy QC

Dr Judith Murphy                                             Project Organiser, WEA North East

Keith Flett                                                           London Socialist Historians Group

Nicola Field                                                       original member of Lesbians and Gays                                                                                              Support the Miners

Dr Paula James                                                  Editor of The Art and Ideology of the Trade                                                                                     Union Emblem

Peter Sinclair                                                      Director, Frontline States Limited

Phil Chamberlain                                              co-author of ‘Blacklisted’

Pete Kilbane                                                      Tutor Organiser, TU Studies, Northern College

Peter Waterman                                              (retired) teacher at Institute of Social Studies,                                                                                  The Hague

Roberta McNair                                                Editor of ‘Industrial Worker’

Rob Turnbull                                                      Writer, historian. Author of ‘Noah Ablett 1883-1935.’

Ronald C Kent                                                    International Labor History Association of                                                                                       Madison, WI, USA

Sean Byers                                                          Trademark, Belfast

Sean Maguire                                                    Writer and poet

Stuart Melvin                                                     National Organiser, ACORN UK

Susanna Pressel                                               former member of the Council of Ruskin College



Dr Alan Harrison                                               Brunel University

Dr Alan Southern                                             University of Liverpool

Professor Alan Tuckett                                  University of Wolverhampton

Dr Alan Tuckman                                              Keele University

Professor Albert J Mills                                  St Mary’s University, Canada

Professor Alex Law                                         Abertay University

Alexander Waters                                           RMIT University, Australia

Assistant Professor Alexander Gallas      University of Kassel, Germany

Dr Alexia Yates                                                  Manchester University

Dr Ana Margarida Esteves                            University of Lisbon, Portugal

Professor Andreas Bieler                              University of Nottingham

Dr Andres F. Cantillo                                       Missouri State University, USA

Dr Andrew Baker                                             University of Glasgow

Dr Andrew Kilmister                                       Oxford Brookes University

Dr Andrew Perchard                                       Coventry University

Professor Andrew Watterson                    University of Stirling

Dr Andy Denis                                                   University of London

Dr Ana Lopes                                                     Newcastle University

Andrea Brock                                                     University of Sussex

Dr Anna Davies                                                 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Anna Laing                                                    University of Sussex

Dr Anna Paraskevopoulou                           Anglia Ruskin University

Professor Emeritus Anna Pollert                University of the West of                                                                                                                      England

Ass. Professor Annalisa Murgia                  University of Leeds

Dr Anne McBride                                             University of Manchester

Dr Anthony Ince                                               Cardiff University

Dr Antonina Gentile                                        University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy

Ayse Sargin                                                         University of Essex

Professor Adjunct Barry Golding                 Federation University,                                                                                                                            Australia

Dr Ben Harker                                                    University of Manchester

Dr Ben Levitas                                                   Goldsmiths University

Dr Ben Pitcher                                                   University of Westminster

Professor Benjamin Selwyn                        University of Sussex

Visiting Professor Bert Clough                    University of Leeds

Dr Beth Gharrity Gardner                           University of Potsdam, Germany

Dr Bertold Scharf                                              Keele University

Dr Bill Alder                                                    Open University

Professor Bob Carter                                      University of Leicester

Professor Bradon Ellem                                 University of Sydney, Australia

Dr Brett Matulis                                                University of Leicester

Professor Bulent Gokay                                  Keele University

Carolina Vestena                                              University of Kassel, Germany

Carol Jess                                                            Victoria University of Wellington, New                                                                                           Zealand

Ass. Professor Catherine Fletcher            Swansea University

Dr Charlie Dannreuther                              University of Leeds

Professor Chris Forde                                 University of Leeds

Professor Chris Jones                                  Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Chris O’Donovan                                         De Montfort University

Christiane Mende                                          University of Potsdam, Germany

Dr Christoph Scherrer                                    University of Kassel, Germany

Dr Cilla Ross                                                     Co-Operative College, Manchester

Dr Colin Gavaghan                                         University of Otago, New                                                                                                                       Zealand

Dr Clara Ursitti                                                   Glasgow School of Art

Dr Claudio Morrison                                        Middlesex University

Craig Kent                                                           University of Warwick

Dr Dana Mills                                                      New York University, USA

Dr Daniel Bishop                                               Bath Spa University

Dr Daniele Tori                                                  Open University

Professor Danny Mackinnon                       Newcastle University

Dr Darryl Humble                                             Northumbria University

Dr Daryl D’Art                                                    Dublin City University, Ireland

Professor Emeritus David Byrne                                Durham University

Professor Emeritus David Margolies        Goldsmiths University

Professor David Marsden                             LSE

Dr (retired) David Martin                              University of Sheffield

Dr David Roediger                                            University of Kansas

Professor David Whyte                                 University of Liverpool

Dr Davinia Thornley                                      University of Otago, New                                                                                                                       Zealand

Ass. Professor Deborah Dean                     University of Warwick

Dr Dennis Arnold                                           University of Amsterdam,                                                                                                                    Holland

Dr Dennis Pilon                                            York University, Toronto,                                                                                                                        Canada

Professor Dennis Rodgers                            University of Amsterdam,                                                                                                                    Holland

Dr Denyse Baillargeon                                    Université de Montréal,                                                                                                                       Canada

Dr Dimitris Exarchos                                        Goldsmiths University

Dr (retired) Don Stillman                               University of Oxford

Dr Dragos Adascalitei                                      Central European University, Budapest,                                                                                            Hungary

Dr Elinor Taylor                                                  University of Westminster

Elisabeth Cuenod                                             University of Edinburgh

Dr Elizabeth Cotton                                         Middlesex University

Professor Em Helena Flam                           University of Leipzig, Germany

Dr Emilio Lucio-Villegas                                  University of Seville, Spain

Dr Eoin Phillips                                               Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona,                                                                                                 Spain

Erdinc Kirkpinar                                                 Bogazici University, Turkey

Dr Eva Herman                                                  Middlesex University

Dr Fernando Duran-Palma                           University of Westminster

Dr Francis Spufford                                         Goldsmiths University

Fuk Ying Tse                                                       University of Warwick

Dr Gabriella Alberti                                          University of Leeds

Dr Gail Edwards                                               Newcastle University

Gail Malmgreen                                            Rutgers University, USA

Honorary Professor Geoff Harcourt         UNSW, Australia

Dr George R Bell                                           London South Bank University

Professor George Nicholson                       Sheffield University

Visiting Professor Gerald Mars                  University of Suffolk

Professor Geraldine Healy                          Queen Mary University

Dr Gleb J. Albert                                            University of Zurich,                                                                                                                                Switzerland

Ass. Professor Glynne Williams                  University of Leicester

Dr Gordon Asher                                            University of the West of Scotland

Dr Graeme Chesters                                       Bradford University

Dr Greg Albo                                                    York University, Toronto,                                                                                                                       Canada

Professor Greg J. Bamber                            Monash University, Australia

Professor Gregor Gall                                    University of Bradford

Dr Gregory Manstios                                    City University of New York, USA

Hanno Brankamp                                             University of Oxford

Professor Hazel Conley                                 University of the West of                                                                                                                       England

Dr Heather McKnight                                     University of Sussex

Dr Helen Oliver                                                 University of Cambridge

Dr Hira Singh                                                      York University, Toronto,                                                                                                                       Canada

Dr Ian Fitzgerald                                               Northumbria University

Ass. Professor Ian Greenwood                  University of Leeds

Ass. Professor Ian Roper                              Middlesex University

Ass. Professor Ian Thompson                     University of Oxford

Dr Iona Byford                                               University of Portsmouth

Jacek Drozda                                                   University of Warsaw, Poland

Dr Jacob Remes                                           Gallatin School, NYU, USA

James Ellison                                                  Loughborough University

Emeritus Professor James Jaffe                 University of Wisconsin, USA

James A King                                                   University of Oxford

Dr Jane Hindley                                             University of Essex

Professor Jane Holgate                                 University of Leeds

Professor Jane Parker                                 Massey University, New Zealand

Ass. Professor Janis Thiessen                     University of Winnipeg, Canada

Dr Jasmine Gideon                                          Birkbeck, University of London

Ass. Professor Jason Russell                        Empire State College — SUNY, USA

Jay Emery                                                         University of Leicester

Professor Jeffrey Taylor                              University of Manitoba – Winnipeg,                                                                                                    Canada

Emeritus Professor Jeff Hyman                 University of Aberdeen

Dr (retired) Jeremy Gass                              University of Wales

Dr (retired)  Jill Mordaunt                             Open University

Dr Jim Mooney                                                 University of West Scotland

Dr Jo McBride                                                    Newcastle University

Joe Buckley                                                        SOAS University

Dr Joe Wallace                                                   University of Limerick, Ireland

Dr (retired) John Cunningham                    Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Emeritus John Field                    University of Stirling

Professor John Logan                                  San Francisco State University, USA

Ass. Professor John Mcilroy                        Middlesex University

Dr (retired) John Stirling                              Northumbria University

Dr Jonathan Pattenden                                 University of East Anglia

Dr Jonathan Perraton                                     University of Sheffield

Dr Jonathan Preminger                                 Cardiff University

Dr Jo Norcup                                                      University of Glasgow

Dr Judy Ancel                                  University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA

Dr Julia Lockheart                                             Goldsmiths University

Dr Julia Smith                                           State University of New Jersey, USA

Dr Julian Wells                                                   Kingston University

Dr Julie Wintrup                                                University of Southampton

Dr Kalpana Wilson                                            Birkbeck, University of London

Dr Kanchana N Ruwanpura                          University of Edinburgh

Karen Douglas                                                   RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Kasper Braskén                                  Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Dr Katrina Navickas                                         University of Hertfordshire

Dr Kavita Ramakrishnan                                University of East Anglia

Professor Keith Ewing                                    King’s College

Dr Kendra Briken                                              University of Strathclyde

Dr Kerrie Thornhill                                           University of Oxford

Dr Kevin Gillan                                                   University of Manchester

Dr Kimberley Thomas                                 University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dr Koray Sakarya                                              Bogazici University, Turkey

Dr Laurence Cox                                               National University of Ireland, Ireland

Dr Laurence Davis                                            University College Cork,                                                                                                                        Ireland

Dr Lewis Mates                                                 Durham University

Dr Liam Campling                                             Queen Mary University

Professor Emeritus Linda Briskin                 York University, Toronto,                                                                                                                        Canada

Dr Linda Clarke                                                  University of Westminster

Dr Lindsey German                                         University of Hertfordshire

Llibert Mendez de Vigo                                 University of Edinburgh

Professor Lois Weiner                                  New Jersey City University, USA

Dr Luis Valenzuela                                           University of Oxford

Professor Emeritus Maggie Humm           University of East London

Dr Marc Cryer                                                    University of Maine, USA

Dr Marcelle Dawson                                     University of Otago, New Zealand

Dr Margaret Prior                                             Plymouth University

Dr Maria Ceci Misoczky                                  Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Dr Marina Vishmidt                                         Goldsmiths University

Dr Mario Jacobs                                          University of Cape Town, South Africa

Professor Emeritus Marjorie Mayo          Goldsmiths University

Mark Bergfeld                                                   Queen Mary University

Mark Lees                                                           Loughborough University

Ass. Professor Martin Risak                         University of Vienna, Austria

Professor Martin Upchurch                         Middlesex University

Dr Martin Ward                                                 De Montfort University

Matteo Capasso                                               Durham University

Matthew Cole                                                   University of Leeds

Matthew Heany                                           Goethe University, Frankfurt,                                                                                                             Germany

Dr Matthew Sinnicks                                      Northumbria University

Matthias Täger                                                  University of Massachusetts Boston,                                                                                                  USA

Dr Meagan Tyler                                               RMIT University, Melbourne,                                                                                                               Australia

Ass. Professor Mehmet Ali Dikerdem     Middlesex University

Professor Melanie Simms                            University of Leicester

Professor Michael Childers                          University of Wisconsin, USA

Professor Michael Cole                                 UC San Diego, USA

Dr Michael Fichter                                           Berlin, Germany

Michael Murphy                                               Maynooth University, Ireland

Dr Michael Osborne                                        University of Glasgow

Dr Michael Pye                                                  University of Hertfordshire

Dr Michael Rice                                                 University of Cambridge

Dr Michael Sanders                                         University of Manchester

Michael R. Vint                                                  Edinburgh Napier University

Honorary Professor Michael Yianneskis      UCL

Ass. Professor Michelle Kaminski              Michigan State University

Dr Mick Carpenter                                           University of Warwick

Dr (retired) Mike Ironside                            Keele University

Dr (retired) Mike Roberts                             Kingston University

Ass. Professor Monica Clua Losada          University of Texas Rio Grande Valley,                                                                                              USA

Ass. Professor Nazan Üstündağ                 Bogazici University, Turkey

Dr Neil Davidson                                               University of Glasgow

Professor Nicola Countouris                        UCL

Dr Nicolas Pons-Vignon                                 University of the Witwatersrand, South                                                                                           Africa

Professor Nick Bacon                                     Cass Business School, University of                                                                                                   London

Dr Nick Clark                                                       Middlesex University

Dr Nik Hammer                                                 University of Leicester

Olga Cretu                                                           Middlesex University

Dr Owen Holland                                              University of Oxford

Dr Owen Worth                                              University of Limerick, Ireland

Professor Patrick Gunnigle                          University of Limerick, Ireland

Dr Paul Bagguley                                              University of Leeds

Ass. Professor Paul Brook                            University of Leicester

Dr Paul F. Clark                                                  Penn State University, USA

Dr Paul Reynolds                                              Edge Hill University

Professor Paul Stewart                                  University of Strathclyde

Ass. Professor Paula Guimarães                  Universidade de Lisboa,                                                                                                                       Portugal

Pedro Mendes Loureiro                                   SOAS

Dr Pedro Ramos Pinto                                    University of Cambridge

Dr Peter Allen                                                  Liverpool John Moores                                                                                                                         University

Dr Peter Cressey                                              University of Bath

Peter Martin                                                      University of Oxford

Dr Peter Scott                                                    University of Portsmouth

Professor Peter Prowse                                  Sheffield Hallam University

Piero Pisani                                                         Frankfurt University, Germany

Dr Phil Almond                                                  De Montfort University

Professor Phil James                                      Middlesex University

Dr Phil O’Brien                                                   University of Manchester

Dr Phoebe Moore                                           Middlesex University

Dr Rachel Annand                                            Keele University

Professor Ralph Darlington                          University of Salford

Dr Ramon Certeza                                           University of the Philippines, the                                                                                                        Philippines

Professor Raphael Salkie                              Brighton University

Ass. Professor Rebecca Fraser                   Empire State College — SUNY, USA

Dr Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick             Birkbeck, University of London

Dr Rhiannon Firth                                             University of East London

Rhiannon Maton                                              University of Pennsylvania,                                                                                                                  USA

Professor Richard Bornat                              Middlesex University

Professor Richard Cleminson                      University of Leeds

Dr Richard Hull                                                   Goldsmiths University

Richard Hyman                                                Professor Emeritus LSE

Dr Richard Kotter                                             Northumbria University

Professor Richard Saundry                           University of Plymouth

Dr Rick Delbridge                                              Cardiff University

Dr Rob Calvert Jump                                       Kingston University

Professor Roger Seifert                                 Wolverhampton University

Dr Ronnie Munck                                             Dublin City University, Ireland

Dr Rosemary Warskett                                  Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Dr Roy Wagner                                                  Zurich University, Switzerland

Dr Ruth Cain                                                       University of Kent

Dr Ruth Lewis                                                    Northumbria University

Dr Sadie Murdoch                                            Goldsmiths University

Dr Samanthi Gunawardana                          Monash University, Australia

Ass. Professor Sean Carleton                      Mount Royal University, Canada

Selin Kilic                                                      University of Zurich, Switzerland

Professor Sergio Rossi                                   University of Fribourg,                                                                                                                           Switzerland

Professor Seth Wigderson                           University of Maine – Augusta, USA

Dr Shannon Brincat                                         Griffith University, Australia

Dr Sheila Rowbotham                                    University of Manchester

Professor Sian Moore                                    University of Greenwich

Dr Simon Choat                                                 Kingston University

Dr Simon Joyce                                                 University of Leeds

Professor Simon Schaffer                             University of Cambridge

Dr Sol Gamsu                                                     University of Bath

Visiting Professor Sonia McKay                  University of Greenwich and West of England

Dr Stefan Burger                                              Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

Professor Stephen Boyd Davis                   Royal College of Art

Dr Stephen Hurt                                               Oxford Brookes University

Visiting Professor Stephen F Kelly            Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Stephen Mustchin                                     University of Manchester

Dr Steve Davies                                                Cardiff University

Dr Steve French                                               Keele University

Dr Stuart Farquhar                                           University of Wolverhampton

Dr Sue Abbott                                                   Newcastle University

Professor Emeritus Sue Ledwith                   Ruskin College

Ass. Professor Sue Mew                                   Middlesex University

Dr Susan Sayce                                                  University of East Anglia

Professor Emeritus Suzanne Franzway   University of South Australia, Australia

Professor Tanja Paulitz                                  Technical University of Darmstadt,                                                                                                    Germany

Dr Tanweer Ali                                                  Empire State College — SUNY,                                                                                                             USA

Dr Tara Hawes                                                   Open University

Dr Terry McDonough                                      Blackburn College

Dr Tessa Peres                                                  University of Cambridge

Dr Thomas Allmer                                            University of Stirling

Dr Thomas Jakobsen                                      University of Science and Technology, Norway

Dr Thomas Marois                                           SOAS

Dr Thomas Swann                                            Loughborough University

Dr Tina Wallace                                                 University of Oxford

Professor Emeritus Tom Keenoy                   University of Leicester

Dr Tomás Rotta                                                 University of Greenwich

Professor Tony Crowley                                  University of Leeds

Professor Tony Huzzard                                 Lund University, Sweden

Dr Valeska Flor                                                  University of Bonn, Germany

Dr Waseem Yaqoob                                        Cambridge University


Trade union officials and activists

Adam Jones                       Adviceline Advisor                           NUT

Adrian Dolby                      Branch Secretary                              Unison

Alan Carr                              (former) National Treasurer        UCU

Alan McLean                      President                                            FBU

Alan Rawlinson                 Health & Safety Officer                 NUJ

Alan Teague                       Shop steward                                    Unite

Alexander Lawrie             Organiser                                            PCS

Allister Mactaggart          Branch Chair                                       UCU

Andrew Woodman         Regional Officer                                Unison Wales

Andy Dark                           Assistant General Secretary        FBU

Andy Meredith                 Regional Organiser                          NUT

Andy Thompson               Chair, West Midlands                     Unite

Angus Sibley                      Branch Official – Paris branch       NUJ

Anna Lyon                           Branch Secretary                              Unison

Baba Aye                             Policy Officer                                     Public Services International

Barbara Cotton                 Activist                                                 USDAW

Barbara Switzer             retired Ass. General Secretary   Manufacturing Science and                                                                                                                     Finance Union

Beth Goodson                   ex Ass. General Secretary            Plantation, Agriculture & Allied                                                                                                           Workers

Bev Woodburn                 Activist                                                 GMB

Bob Turner                         Branch Secretary                              Unite

Brian Clark                           Vice President                                   York & District Trades Union                                                                                                                    Council

Brian Coupland                   Activist                                                 CWU

Brian Davis                          Activist                                                 Unite

C Panks                                 Activist                                                 UCU

Carl Banks                           LGBT Committee                              GMB

Caroline Turner                 Organiser                                            PCS

Chris Downs                       Branch Secretary                              UCU

Chris Motherwell             Equalities Officer                              Unison

Claire Jones                        Industrial Officer                              PCS

Clara Paillard                      President of Culture Group         PCS

Cuneyt Suheyl                   Branch Chair                                       UCU

Dave Chapple                    Trades Councils Rep                        South West TUC

Dave Pike                            Organiser                                            NUT

Dave Savage                      Secretary, Lancashire                     Unite Community

David Binns                         Retired Members branch             UCU

David Blandford                Company Council                             RMT

David Newby                     President Emeritus                         Wisconsin State AFL-CIO (USA)

David Simpson                  (retired) President                          Prospect

David Wilson                      Activist                                                 UCU

David WIlson                      Head of Organising                          NUT

Deb Gardiner                     Organiser                                            Unison

Debbie Monksfield         Organiser                                            Unison

Declan Clune                      Secretary                                         Southampton & South West TUC

Derek Blackadder            Staff Director                                  IFPTE Local 160, Toronto,                                                                                                                    Canada

Diane Fletcher                   AdviceLine Advisor                          NUT

Doug Roberts                    Grievance Officer                      Wilfrid Laurier Uni.’s Staff Association –                                                                            Canada

Edd Mustill                          Activist                                 PCS

Elaine Moore                     Activist                                 Unite

Ella Noyes                           President                            Southampton & S.W. Hampshire TUC

Evelyn Benjamin              Activist                                 Organisation of African Trade Union                                                                                                 Unity

Fareham branch                                                               Unison

Fiona McLatchie               Learning Organiser          PCS

Fiona Swarbrick               National Organiser          NUJ

Fred Royle                          Life member                      PCS

Gareth Gough                   Branch Secretary              Unison

Gary Stacey                        Branch Secretary              Dorset IWW

Gearóid Ó Machail           Northern Branch rep      Independent Workers Union, Ireland

Geraldine Lawrence       Activist                                 Unison

Glen White                         Activist                                 Unison

Hayley Garner                   Branch Secretary              Unison

Helen Field                         Secretary, Soton.             Unite Community

Helen Thornton                Activist                                 Unison

Hilary Cave                          (ex) Education Officer    NUM

Howard Fuller                    Group Committee           Prospect

Ian Manion                         Activist                                 CWU

Jack Oliver                           Activist                                 NASUWT

James Cavalluzzo             Education Officer             BCGEU, Canada

James Randall                    Ass. National Officer       Unison

Jane Broome                     Learning Manager           Unite

Jane Rosen                         Activist                                 Prospect

Janet Hughes                     Activist                                 Unite Community

Jeff Slominski                    Activist                                 Unison

Jeremy Spooner               Activist                                 GMB

Jim Sutherland                  (retired) Director of Ed. Unison

Jim Tye                                 Regional Official                ATL

Jo Rust                                  Secretary                             King’s Lynn & District Trades Council

Joe Keith                             Organiser                            Unite

Joe Lord                               Convenor                            ATL

John Fray                             (former) Dep. Gen.Sec.                NUJ

John Kerr                             Activist                                 Rail and Maritime Transport Union, New Zealand

Julia Bard                             Activist                                 NUJ

Julie Trundell                     Organiser                            Unison

Justin Parsons                   Caseworker                        Unison

Kate Douglas                      DWP Regional Sec.          PCS

Keely Good                        Organiser                            Unison

Kelly H-Rogers                   Organiser                            Unison

Kenneth Terry                   (former) Reg. Officer     Unison

Kerith Allen                        Organiser                            ATL

Kevin Courtney                 General Secretary           NUT

Kevin O’Grady                   Branch Secretary              Unison

Lawrence O’Halloran      Organiser                            Tertiary Education Union, New                                                                                                           Zealand

Dr Len Arthur                     (former) NEC member  National Association of Teachers

Leonie Sharp                      Regional Organiser          Unison

Linda Heap                          Activist                                 Unite Community

Linda Hughes                     Learning Organiser          Unite

Louisa Wass Griffiths      Regional Organiser          Unison

Lynn Kelly                            Activist                                 Unite

Maria Rodriguez               Administrator                    International Transport Workers Federation

Mark Abel                           Activist                                 UCU

Mark Daniels                      Trustee                               ASLEF

Mark Greenway               Activist                                 Musicians Union

Mark Leader                      Vice Chair SHU                  UCU

Martin Levy                        President                            Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Trades Council

Martin Merritt                   Education Officer             Unison

Matt Wells                          Organiser                            PCS

Matt Wrack                        General Secretary           FBU

Matthew E. Pointon       Project Worker                 Britannia Staff Union

Michael R Barringer         Activist                                 Unison

Mick Holder                        Activist                                 NUJ

Mike Jones                         Industrial Officer              PCS

Mike Rigby                          Activist                                 UCU

Mohshin Ahmed              Branch Secretary              Unite

Olivier Mupenda              Activist                                 TSSA

Pam Johnson     (former) Head of Learning           Unison

Pat Markey                         Northampton Secretary                NUT

Paul Mackney    (former) General Secretary         UCU

Pav Akhtar                                                                          UNI Global Union (Switzerland)

Peter Smith                        Branch Secretary              NUT

Philip Bowyer    (former) Deputy Gen.Sec.           UNI Global Union (Switzerland)

Philip Chatfield                  Activist                                 Unison

Rachel Boynton                  Regional Organiser          Unison

Rebecca Staatz                  Activist                                 Unison

Rhiannon Lockley             Chair, West Midlands     UCU

Richard Burton                  Activist                                 CWU

Richard Levene                 Activist                                 Unison

Richard Murphy                    Industrial Officer              PCS

Robert Barratt                   National Exec. member NASUWT

Robert Wilkinson             Intl. Solidarity Officer     NUT

Robin Wilson                      Activist                                 NUJ

Robyn Fortescue              Ass. State Secretary        AMWU NSW AUTRALIA

Ron Mendel                       President                            Northampton Trades Council

Russell Greig                      Regional Officer                                ATL

Ruth Howdill                      Activist                                 BECTU

Ruwan Subasinghe          Legal Officer                       International Transport Workers’                                                                                                       Federation

Samantha Mason             Activist                                 GMB

Sarah Finigan                     Branch Committee          Equity

Sarah Kavanagh               Campaigns officer            NUJ

Séamus Dooley                 Acting Gen. Secretary    NUJ

Sophie Shaw                      Equalities Officer              Unite London Hotel Workers

Stephe Meloy                   Activist                                 Musicians Union

Stephen Smith                  National Officer                Managers in Partnership

Stephen Williams             (ex) Education Officer    NUPE

Steve Cushion                   Secretary                             UCU

Steve Grinter                     (retired) Ed. Officer        TUC

Steve Jary                           National Secretary           Prospect

Steven Roberts                 President                            Crewe & District Trades Council

Stuart Davies                     Legal Officer                       Unite

Susan Aitouaziz                 Secretary                             Barking Dagenham and Havering TUC

Susan Ghany                      Branch Chair                       Unite

Terry Brough                      Branch Secretary              Unite

Tomasa Bullen                   Activist                                 Unison

Tommy Molloy                  Inspector                             International Transport Workers Federation

Tom Taylor                          Secretary                             SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries                                                                                               Committee

Tony Whelan                     Activist                                 Unison

Umran Beler                      Equalities Officer              Unison

Vijay Menezes-Jackson    Activist                                 Unite Community

Vin Wynne                          Senior Organiser              NUT

Waithera Gachuki            Industrial Officer              KUDHEIHA workers Kenya

Walton Pantland              Comms Officer                  IndustriALL Global Union

Wendy Mustill                   TUC employee (retired)

Xanthe Whittaker            National Exec. member UCU

Yvonne Aburrow              Activist                                 Unison

Zarria Phillips                      Activist                                 Unite Community


Students and alumni

Adam Winter

Adele Griffiths

Andy Prickett

Annie Railton

Ben Egan

Ben Singleton

Bill Sharpe

Bill Wells

Bob Heath

Bryan Luffman

Caroline Raine

Charlotte Bence

Chilayi Mayondi

Chris Dayus

Chris Rimell

Dan Olner

David Gustave

Dilys Ann Cartwright

Eddie Roberts

Enid Khan

Fidel McLean

Frank Butterfield

Frank Smyth-Britt

Gary Kirwan

Gary Puffett

Geoff Fletcher

Gerry O’Hagan

Helen Nolan

Holly Smith

Ian Browne

Jayne Pinder

Jeffrey Baxter

Jenny Webber

John Bamford

John Monaghan

John Wainman

John Woods

Jon Bigger

Juan Guilarte

Kae Smith

Katia Widlak

Kevin Leeton

Larry O’Mahony

Lisa Holdridge

Lloyd Collier

Louise Kowalska

Malika Achour

Mary Sullivan

Mason Dancey

Matt Hannam

Micky Herbert

Mike Lomax

Mike Towl

Neil Seepujak

Oliver Mount

Pam Currie

Pam Foley

Paul Dunn

Penny Hslliday

Phil Hedges

Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Trevelyan

Richard Tudway

Robert Morgan

Ruth Todd

Simon Taylor

Steven Littlewood

T Miller

Terry Banfield

Thembi Sibisi

Tony McMullan

Personal capacity

A Natt

Adam Goulcher

Adam Toscani

Adisa Tosum

Adrian Judd

Alan Garnett

Alan McShane

Alan Roe

Alessandra Mezzadri

Alexander Guschanski

Alexi Dimond

Alice Gem

Alison Murphy

Alison Sherwin

Allan Screen

Alyson Read

Amanda Sackur

Andrea Dudding

Andrew Kent

Andrew Law

Andrew Pantland

Andy Blunden

Angela Rainey

Angela Teeling

Anne Watkins

Ann Hynes

Ann Robertson

Anthony Lockhart

Arthur Richardson

Barbara Jackson

Barry Ewart

Barry Hake

Ben Martin

Bernard Glazier

Bernd Käpplinger

Beth Alberts

Beverley Woodburn

Bill Adams

Bill Carroll

Bo Fletcher

Brian Harding

Brian Light

Brian Nabney

Brian Walsh

Calvin Allen

Carol McGuigan

Caroline Kirchhoff

Caroline Lake

Carolyne Darmanin

Carrie Hedderwick

Catherine Brown

Catherine C Griffiths

Celia Briar

Chas Coleman

Chris Morley

Chris Norris

Christine Barnett

Christine Coates

Christine Dickinson

Christopher Blackburn

Christopher Heywood

Claire Sutskova

Claire Williamson

Colin Smith

Colin Wilkes

Collette Bradford

Dr Conor Cradden

Cris Kheser-John

Daniel Vulliamy

David Short

Dave Quayle

Dave Wray

David A Evans

David Braniff-Herbert

Dr David Chapman

David Coley

David Connolly

David Flynn

David Jones

Dr David Kelly

David Napier

David Pursey

David Roberts

David Rommer

Debbie Stobbs

Deborah Long

Debra Benita Shaw

Dr Deirdre O’Neill

Denise Ward

Dermot Hughes

Diana Hickman

Diane Scott

Doug Miller

Duncan McNeil

E Thacker

Elaine Hopkins

Elaine Hutton

Ellen Meredith

Emma Cunningham

Emma Howden

Eugene Smith

Farhad Moezzipour

Fiona Dunne

Frances McGirr

Francis Beardsell

Fran Whittle

Frank Radcliffe

Gale Stevenson

Gaye Yilmaz

Geoffrey Hardman

Glyn Hinchliffe

Graham Brinksman

Graeme Russell

Hamit Ersozoglu

Reverend Hazel Barkham

Hazel Sabey

Heather Butler

Helen Tasker

Henning Salling Olesen

Hilde Stephansen

Ian Brodie

Ian Brown

Ian Chard

Ian George Williams

Ian Smith

Ioana Cerasella Chis

Ireneusz-Jan Kryczka

Irene Walker

Isobel Mcmillan

Jack Jennings

Jackie Dean

Jacky Gruhn

Jacob Robert Wolff

Jacqueline Dolphin

Jaimin Patel

Jaine Peacock

James Harrison

James Lewis

James Richards

Jamie Moloney

Jan Bownes

Janet Newsham

Janet Russell

Jannettja Longyear

Jean Crocker

Jennifer Mason

Jenny Ford

Jenny Golden

Jenny Mellings

Jenny Semahimbo

Jessica Stoll

Jimmy Keenan

Dr Jo Alleyne

Joe McDarby

John Charles William Beeching

John Kay

John R Holmes

John M. McGee

John Pranngley

John Risdon

Jonathan Jeffries

Joseph Hannigan

Josephine Ohene-Djan

Josephine Stevenson

Joshua Soka Wilson

Judy Richardson

Jules Tennick

Julie Applin

Julie Herrada

Karyn Buckley

Kate Green

Kathy Ferguson

Kathy Grant

Katie Benbow

Keith Simpson

Keith Venables

Kelly Kaiser

Kenneth Cridland

Kevin Moloney

Kieran Pearson

Kim Pepper

Lander Vander Linden

Lata Narayanaswamy

Lee McFarlane

Laura Lennox

Lee Balliet

Lee Solomon

Lena Munday

Leslie Roberts

Leslie Wray

Linda Woolley

Lisa Lotte Hansen

Liz Cairns

Lorraine Tillett

Louise Lewis

Louise Whitney

Luise Oppenberg

Luke Webb

Lynn Mckinty

Lynne Lacock

M Murphy

Maggie Carman

Maisie Carter

Marc Gibson

Marion Sporing

Margaret Levy

Mark Baxter

Mark Findlay

Mark Ralph-Bowman

Martin Ludford

Mary Foley

Mary Guckian

Mary Robertson

Meltem Toksoz

Mena Rennick

Merilyn Moos

Michal Bron Jr

Michael Biggs

Michael Burns

Michael Donovan

Dr Michael Murray

Michael Morgan

Michael Richardson

Michael Schwaabe

Mick Palmer

Mick Simpson

Mike Bartlett

Mike Cushman

Mike Somerton

Mike Terry

Mustafa Yasacan

N Eaton

Nadine Johnson

Naeem Yar

Neil Alldred

Niamh Moore

Nick Child

Nick Gates

Nick Mathews

Noah Carmichael

Norman Wright

Patricia Ryan

Paul Atkin

Paul Burns

Paul Dickinson

Paul Jeffery

Paul Hockoday

Paul Marchant

Pam Collins

Partha Mitter

Penny Smith

Peta Lunberg

Pete Farrell

Pete Finch

Peter Cann

Peter Nicholas Sagar

Peter Sansom

Peter Warren

Peter Williams

Peter Wilson

Phil Cadman

Phil Jackson

Philip Adams

Philip O’Keefe

Philippa Clark

Pippa MacKeith

Rae Chapman

Randy Banks

Ray Power

Rayah Feldman

Ray Shaw

Rebecca Fraser

Rex Hyman

Richard Baugh

Richard Carabine

Richard Comaish

Richard Cryan

Richard Freeman

Richard Le Corney

Richard Ross

Richard Tredwell

Robert Fine

Robin Smith

Robin Tipple

Robert Lazenby

Dr Robert Snell

Dr Roger Green

Roger Harvey

Rohini Hensman

Ronald Sinclair

Rosemaru Clarke

Rowan Shaw

Rowena Perry

S Bridges

Sally Burley

Sally Burr

Sally Skaife

Sally White

Sam Comerford

Dr Samuel Frank Wilkinson

Sara Wright

Sarah Ansell

Sarah Graber Majchrzak

Sarah Forsyth

Sarah L Maguire

Sarah Matthew

Sarah McGreal

Sarah Sanford

Saranel Benjamin

S E Huggins

Sheila Pevely

Sibel Taylor

Simon Boxley

Simon Dickinson

Soul Can Yildiz

Steffan Bowen

Stephen Yorke

Steve Leigh

Steve Overton

Steven Mesaros

Stuart Bannerman

Stuart Hartill

Sue Byrne

Professor Simon Clarke

Shahnaz Rafique

Sharaz Mckie

Shane Choshane

Shirley Joseph

Stephen Brown

Stephen Cardwell

Steven Johnston

Stirling Smith

Sue Jagger

Sue Tame

Sue Ward

Susan Chapman

Susan Kingston

Susan Marsh

Susan Moore

Tams Evans

Ted Benton

Terry Martin

Terry Welsh

Tim Oxton

Dr Tim Searle

Thomas Barwell

Professor Tibor Valuch

Tim Jones

Tom Milburn

Tom Mulrenan

Tom Richardson

Tony Demetriou

Tony McQuade

Tony Wild

Tracey Allen

Trevor Walsh

Valeria Pulignano

Valerie Cooke

Vivian Price

William Brown

Profesor Willie Thompson

Win Stokes

Yvonne Cleland

Yvonne Costello



9 thoughts on “Signatories to our letter

  1. At a time when Brexit threatens workers’ rights this is a shameful action.


  2. What an absolute disgrace. The college management should be ashamed of their actions. It was only last week that they were advertising for six managers to take the place of the ILTUS staff. Obviously Ruskin is a changed place.


  3. An appalling decision. Trade Union, working class and adult education have been attacked over a number of years. Ruskington College has been a beacon. It is dreadful that the management at the college has extinguished that beacon.
    As a former lecturer in Trade Union education I know how vital this provision is in not only educating Trade Union reps but also gives confidence to many adults who have been failed by the state education system in their youth.


  4. I was one of the very few conservatives to attend Ruskin college. I studied history under Raphael Samuel and Hilda Kean. Since then I’ve become a published poet written and published a book and now writing 2 novels. Whilst being politically opposed I do recognise the need for the political education that Ruskin College provides for trades unionists and those who have struggled in the workplace and those who through no fault of their own have not been able to gain employment.


  5. Had the great privilege to visit Ruskin when my friend Stephen Lewin was there and met Sue Farley and Dee Daly as a result. A tremendous place which represents everything I think is important in education..count me in in its defence.


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